Who We Are

The official Sheriff Clarke for Senate draft campaign is duly registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and is in every way a legal Super PAC and Draft Committee, fully regulated by and subject to the rules promulgated by the FEC pursuant to the Federal Election Campaign Act, as amended by the Congress and interpreted by the Federal Judiciary.

The committee’s National Chairman is conservative attorney Jack Daly (Federal law enforcement agency appointee during the Bush 43 Administration and former Republican Counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee).

The committee’s Advisory Board was formed quite deliberately to include persons from a broad range of disciplines and expertise. It includes law enforcement professionals, military veterans, attorneys, former elected and/or appointed government officials, campaign professionals with experience in the congressional, senate, and presidential contests, and experts in public policy, communications, fundraising, entertainment, and the regulation of the electoral process.

Their common thread is a commitment to the conservative movement, and to put in place those things necessary to cause Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. to file for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate, and to defeat liberal extremist Tammy Baldwin in November of 2018.