What They’re Saying

What They’re Saying

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“David, we are very proud of you. What you’ve done is incredible. . . . The first time I saw you on television a couple of years ago I said: ‘There’s a man who is absolutely terrific! He gets it’.”

Donald Trump
US President

“He really, really just cuts to the chase. . . . He gave a great speech at the Republican National Convention. . . . Now, this guy is going to be just lambasted as an Uncle Tom, as a traitor, as a sellout, as a tool for everything he’s just said here. But he’s right on the money.”

Rush Limbaugh
Conservative Radio Host

“Sheriff Clarke has a backbone of titanium, and that alone puts him in a very small class of politicians. [His] public service announcements were evidence that he was willing to stick his chin out, and when you get to know him, you realize this is a deep guy.”

Larry Pratt
Gun Owners of America

The “Black Rush Limbaugh with a badge”. . .

Politico Newspaper

“Maybe he should be Trump’s VP.”

Ann Coulter
Conservative Author

“Sheriff Clarke does John Wayne proud”

Cal Thomas
Conservative Author

“A man I admire greatly . . . Sheriff David Clarke is a very, very, very brave man. This man should be President of the United States. I really believe that.”

Mark Levin
Conservative Radio Host

“The principles Sheriff Clarke stands for are the same principles this nation was built on. He’s much more than the Milwaukee County Sheriff. He’s America’s Sheriff. ”

Sean Hannity
FOX News Channel

“God is raising up NEW leaders for America and conservatism. . . . Compelling man. Well read. Inspiring.”

Ginni Thomas
DailyCaller (wife of Justice Clarence Thomas)

“When I first met Sheriff Clarke, I knew then this was a leader — a man of resolve and principle who has become a target for the liberal, progressive, racist Left. What Sheriff Clarke displays is that which needs to be restored not just in the black community, but across America. He will wear his target with pride. He is part of a growing number of Spartans stepping forward in America — color and gender not of concern — their patriotic warrior heart is all that matters. Sheriff Clarke took the stage like a true man of Sparta and told the gun control Left, Molon Labe!”

Allen West
Former Congressman and Lt. Col. (U.S. Army, RET)

“One of the best lawmen in the country [and he] says it best. . . . Sheriff Clarke is a serious guy, and when he speaks, America should listen.”

Milo Yiannopoulos

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